Level 3 – Stage 7 – Dance Mat Typing

Level 3 is little more advanced than levels 1 and 2. This level includes all the letters learned before, plus a few new ones. Yet, students still get to learn from more animal friends like the yak and a few other animal guides and receive their support and praise throughout the different stages.

In stage 7 students will be mastering the v and m keys.

In stage 8, they move on to keys b and n. Next.

Stage 9 follows into the c and the common keys for students to practice and perfect. Beginners aren’t expected to be fast through these stages. On the contrary, accuracy is the most important thing and perfecting that is emphasized through the levels. By the end of this level, students should be able to know which keys their index fingers and middle finger should touch when typing using letters below the home key. Students should be able to type out a few words but are well on their way to mastering the entire keyboard once they move on to level 4.


Stage 7

In this new level, the child will begin by typing letters “v” and “m” on the third row of the keyboard. He will use his right pointer finger to type letter “m” and his left pointer finger will type the letter “v”. Afterward, he will practice typing letters r, t, g, f, and v with his left index finger and then, he will type letters u, y, h, j, and m, using his right index finger.  


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