Level 4 – Stage 10 – Dance Mat Typing

Congras! You’ve got to the last level…

This level isn’t as easy as the earlier levels, and kids will have a sense of accomplishment once they get through it. Once this level is mastered, kids will have a certificate they can print off to show others which keys they have down. And to measure how far the students have come, there is a typing test they can take to assess their newly developed skills. However, Dance Mat typing still wants to make the learning to type process fun. So, they are including their memorable animal guides, fun songs, and delightful games to make this level as engaging as possible.  In stage 10 students will finally be getting over to the x and z keys on the keyboard. Then the hard to reach “/” and “.” keys will be worked on in stage 11. And once that is completed, students move on to stage 12 where they use everything they have learned to perform one last game. At that point, students should know how to accurately type out anything they wish to write. Though speed will come with additional practice, students will have mastered the basics in learning how to type and will be able to use the keyboard efficiently to type out entire sentences and paragraphs.


Stage 10

Welcome to the stage where the child will learn typing letters “x” and “z” using the left hand.  He will use the ring finger of the left hand to type letter “x” while he will type letter “z” with the little finger of the same hand too. Another peculiar key to learn on the home row is the apostrophe “”, which the child can type using the little finger of his right hand.


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